CBD oil and other products are sold all over the world at health stores and on websites.  As you shop, you’ll see terms such as “CBD isolate”, “broad spectrum CBD”, and “full spectrum CBD.”


CBD, or Cannabidiol, is in a family of naturally occurring chemicals called cannabinoids.  Cannabinoids can be extracted from any cannabis plant, but they are typically extracted from the hemp plant.  The hemp plant is in the same family as marijuana but contains much lower levels of THC (the mind-altering chemical).

Cannabis plants have more than a hundred different chemical compounds but the most useful molecules are the CBD and terpenes. Extracting CBD from the hemp plant is beneficial because it ensures there is an extremely low THC content.


When CBD is extracted from hemp, it comes with other chemical compounds. As mentioned, THC is a big concern and products can only be resold in most states when the THC content is extremely low.  In addition to CBD, the hemp plant also contains chemicals called terpenes which give many plants their aroma. 

The CBD oil and terpenes can be combined with quality lotion bases (for topical use) or with various carrier oils (for ingestion) like hemp seed oil to maximize all the benefits of the hemp plant.  Using as much of the hemp plant as possible ensures the best experience due to the “entourage effect.”  Many users claim better results from using a full spectrum “entourage” as opposed to isolated CBD molecule. 

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