Only The Best Ingredients

Quality CBD Products


Free of fillers and preservatives. All products contain the advertised amount of CBD.


ALL ingredients are 100% USDA-Certified Organic. Our full-spectrum extract is obtained with CO2.


Independent third-party labs to test our hemp, hemp extract, and final products to ensure they are free of chemical and biological contaminants.

We guarantee that our products contain the advertised amount of CBD!
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We care about providing you with the best information on the safe usage of our products.

Health Conscious

  • Products with all helpful components of hemp
  • Full-spectrum CBD oils with terpenes and fatty acids
  • Lowest possible amount of THC
  • Fully tested edible products (coming soon)

Certified Organic

  • 100% USDA-certified organic hemp flower and other ingredients
  • Locally sourced organic hemp
  • Carbon dioxide extraction instead of harsh solvents
  • Trace your Blue Goose product to our tests


How  We Do It

High-quality CBD depends on locally grown hemp that is free from harmful chemicals and is extracted using eco-friendly, solvent-free CO2. Our products are made to be free of harmful chemical byproducts.


Our hemp is bred specifically to have rich cannabinoid profiles. We do this by utilizing sustainable farming practices and organic farming methods. This means high quality hemp and a healthy Earth.


All of our Blue Goose products are made using whole-plant CO2 extraction techniques. This means there are no harmful chemicals and that the final product contains little to no breakdown of essential CBD components.


We adhere to the national Current Good Manufacturing Practices. We test each batch individually. Nothing leaves our base of operations without a thumbs-up from a third-party laboratory.

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